About Nabil Captan


About Nabil Captan

Nabil Captan is a nationally recognized credit score expert, educator, author and producer.  As founder and president of Captan & Company, he is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people learn about and manage personal and business credit profiles.

Nabil’s lecture series includes The Truth About Credit Scores and Credit Reports, a course accredited for continuing education in consumer services to Realtors® in California, Ohio, Georgia and Texas for more than eight years.

Nabil’s newest course, Real Estate Credit Education, recently approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate, is designed to add valuable skills to real estate and lending professionals who work with potential homebuyers and investors. He is a California Association of Realtors instructor.

Nabil has participated in numerous conferences, panels, and roundtables for real estate and lending professionals, financial planners, housing and credit counselors. He continues to speak at AREAA, CRS, Leading Real Estate of the World, NAREB, NAHREP, and WCR events around the country.

Nabil also teaches in leadership programs at various California community colleges and universities, including El Camino College, CSU Dominquez Hills and Chapman University.

Nabil is a regular contributor to OC Realtor Magazine and online real estate and financial services websites. Here are links to few of his articles in Inman, Rizmedia, and Keeping Current Matters.

Nabil had a memorable client who inspired him to learn more about credit profile management and basic financial literacy at the consumer level. Avidly pursuing the subject, he found more misinformation than useful knowledge.

In 2005, aiming to provide consumers a clear and concise understanding of the subject, Nabil partnered with award-winning film and documentary producers, starting with Hollywood director Jim Becket, who co-wrote and directed the first edition of The Credit DVD Series in English. Mario Congreve, award-winning documentarian at CSU Dominguez Hills, directed, filmed, and co-edited “El DVD del Credito,” while Bernard Clinch, senior producer/director at CSU Dominguez Hills helped develop superior production values that are educational, entertaining, and economical. Emmy-winner Glenn Gebhard, professor and graduate director at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television, made valuable contributions to all productions, including the Mandarin version.

The Credit DVD series is approved and used by FICO® in its training.

Nabil continues to investigate all areas of credit scoring and reporting, customizing his presentations to include best practices for those whose credit scores have suffered. Following the financial crisis, he researched the true impact of mortgage defaults on FICO scores, a process that included an on-camera interview with Craig Watts, then FICO Public Affairs Director for 14 years.

Nabil’s unwavering commitment to community service is best described by his eight-year partnership with the U. S. Small Business Administration/SCORE of Orange County, which provides valuable services to the business community. He created and continues to present The Road to Business Credit, a monthly workshop for small and mid-size businesses. He listens to endless disappointments, loss of resources and missed opportunities that many trace back to an avoidable mediocre credit profile. Nabil was nominated for SBA's Financial Service Champion of the Year 2010.