The Credit DVD Series - How to build a perfect credit score

Inspiration can strike at anytime, in any place. This cliché couldn’t be any truer for Nabil Captan, creator of The Credit DVD Series. His creation, of what is now regarded as the most accurate DVD on FICO® scores available, was inspired by a late library book in 2005. 

“A friend asked me to help his young daughter, a recent college graduate, get a loan for a condo. I pulled her credit report to find that she had a middle FICO® score of 519. She had no idea why her credit was so terrible as she always paid her bills on time. And she, a college graduate, had no idea what a credit report or a credit score was. The culprit was right there on the credit report. The city library had reported her as 90 days late on fees stemming from the late return of library books. Although she had paid the $60 fees, the library never reported her payment and continued to report multiple lates.

Having explained to his new client why her FICO® was so low and delivering the bad news that the low score would result in higher interest rates, Nabil’s client asked a simple but poignant question. “Why wasn’t I taught this in school?”