The Credit DVD Series offer substantive knowledge in both English and Spanish about a mysterious subject matter and help us market ourselves as a valuable professionals.

Danelia Briones

Century 21, Union Realty Co.



“The Credit DVD Series is so accurate that FICO uses it for training.”


Barry Paperno

Former Consumer Operations Manager at FICO for 5 years

This program is sure to bring awareness and understanding of credit and credit scoring to an entirely new level.

Jackie Pham


I have already reviewed the credit DVD in one of my Finance classes. I thought it was great and that’s why I got my own copy. I will use it as an educational tool for my team and also for my Banking Center Managers in my Region. I think the DVD demystifies a lot of the “wrong” assumptions out there on how credit scoring works and what you can do to protect yourself against errors.

Chris Scheiner

Financial Center Manager Country Banking Center

Wow, I now know more about credit scores and credit reports than my accountant, financial adviser and mortgage broker put together!

Rick Goldman

CDS Glendale, CA

Since taking the class, I have already provided valuable information to two of my short sale clients, and the information I learned will save me and my clients thousands of dollars. I only wish I had known this information earlier. Thanks for offering this class.

Debbie Toon

GRI, SRS, Orion Management and Realty

"It was probably the MOST valuable educational class I've ever taken. Nabil offers both substantive knowledge about a mysterious subject and he presents ideas to help us market ourselves as a valuable professionals. Again, I couldn't have been more pleased with the value I received from attending this class. Thank you, Nabil for giving me the opportunity!

Judith Coker

Sales Associate, Berkshire Hathaway, HomeServices

Congratulations Nabil, you have skillfully managed to transform a very complex and boring subject into an easy to understand format. It's so great to see you so passionate about credit education; your presentations will definitely better the financial health of millions of people, and I thank you.

Glenn Gebhard

Professor, Graduate Director, School of Film and Television, Loyola Marymount University

On behalf of our members, we want to thank you for speaking to us at our chapter meeting. There's no question that your topic is timely; it's just a wonder why such important information has been so elusive until now. As you know, your audience this time was comprised of 60 very successful business counselors having roughly 2,000 years of combined experience. Nevertheless, your presentation taught us much, and its sobering message was delivered professionally, with just the right touch of your characteristic good nature.

Ben McCulloch

Chapter Chair, SCORE/SBA Counselors to America's Small Business

Your recent presentation to our staff, which clarified many misconceptions on the FICO™ and other credit scores, was excellent. In our ongoing pursuit of offering only the most up-to-date and accurate information to our clients, we value and appreciate the information that you provided. Our staff will be able to offer complete and accurate information with confidence, thanks to your highly informative presentation.

James L. Frannea

President and CEO , Orange County SBDC, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Orange County (CCCSOC)

Nabil Captan partnered with the Orange County Small Business Development Center (OC SBDC) to offer a workshop on credit scores and explain how they may affect small business owners when trying to secure a business loan. Without reservation, OC SBDC recommends Mr. Captan to deliver these workshops to other organizations interested in learning more about credit scores. He has excellent speaking skills that engage the audience, he encourages participation through interactive presentations, and his work experience and knowledgeable background aid him in promptly and accurately responding to questions on the spot. Consequently, we will continue to partner with him to educate our staff and clients.


Leila Mozaffari

Director, Orange County SBDC

Thank you for the educational materials on credit scores. There is a great need, as our and other surveys have noted for improved consumer understanding of these scores, and your DVD represents an important contribution to helping meet this need.

Stephen Brobeck

Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America

On behalf of the AICCCA, I would like you to know that our counselors armed with the knowledge in your CREDIT DVD, will now be able to assist thousands of individuals and families that seek our counseling services with a renewed confidence regarding FICO scores.

I have an immense sense of gratitude for The Credit DVD Series. Its accuracy, clarity and simplicity!

Todd Ossenfort

Trustee Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies

I am thoroughly impressed at the knowledge and passion that Nabil shows in dispelling so many urban myths about credit scoring. Most importantly, the examples provided are timely and relevant at any stage, but even more so in the current economic environment where all consumers will place a greater level of importance on understanding their credit scores. Take advantage of such a valuable resource as Nabil. His expertise is best in class. Any other speaker on credit scoring will pale in comparison to Nabil Captan. Great work!!

Bill Nazur

Chief Operating Officer, Foren Sight Inc.

Nabil's class on credit and FICO scoring was the most helpful class that I have taken for how to truly help my clients!  I am so excited to share his information with my team.  We have an obligation to educate the public on how to use credit wisely and this class teaches that and techniques to raise your credit score.  This should be a required class for all Realtors!  And, being able to purchase his CD and give them to my clients has been so appreciated by them.  They feel empowered and not hopeless.

Emily Link

Team Link Realtors Inc.

“This is entirely good product, which only a creator who worked closely with FICO could have created”

Craig Watts

Former Public Affairs Director, at FICO™ for 14 years